Dr. Teresa Rayon – Group Leader

I obtained my MSc in Biology from the Autónoma University of Madrid in 2007. For my PhD at Miguel Manzanares’ group at CNIC in Madrid, I studied the first cell fate choice in mammalian pre-implantation development. In January 2016 I joined the Briscoe lab at The Francis Crick Institute in London supported by an EMBO postdoctoral fellowship. In February 2022 I opened the Comparative Stem Cell Dynamics lab at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, funded by an ERC Starting Grant and a BBSRC Institute Strategic Programmes Grant (ISPG).

Lab Members

Dr. Shotah Nakanoh – Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Start date: June 2022

Dr. Chiara Azzi – Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Start date: September 2022

Eleonore Ocana – PhD student

Start date: October 2022